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He also found the opposite happened among low self-esteem participants: they liked products better if they were not self-relevant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For yearly variation in mortality rates, see Birthday effect.

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Bellos' explanation was that in both the East and the West odd numbers tend to have more spiritual significance than even ones. But as Bosson, Swann, and Pennebaker later argued, this does not control for common preference effects. These people rated him more favourably than the control group. Jiang, Hoegg, Dahl and Chattopadhyay examined the role of a salesperson and a potential customer knowingly sharing a birthday in a sales context. They found such an incidental similarity can result in a higher intention to purchase.

This persuasive effect stems from the need for connectedness. Some participants were led to believe they shared a birthday with the requester, who asked for an overnight critique of an eight-page English paper. Burger et al. Participants reacted in a heuristic fashion, acting as if they were dealing with a friend. Bellos, Alex London: Bloomsbury Paperbacks. Blass, T. Bosson, Jennifer K. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Burger, Jerry M.

The effects of incidental similarity on compliance".

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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Chambers, John R.

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Social and Personality Psychology Compass. Coulter, Keith S. Journal of Marketing. Danesi, Marcel Linguistic Anthropology: A brief introduction. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press.

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Let me count the Js: Implicit egotism and interperson attraction". Keller, Barbara; Gierl, Heribert In Zabkar, Vesna; Eisend, Martin eds. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

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Kesebir, Selin; Oishi, Shigehiro Psychological Science. King, Dan; Janiszewski, Chris Journal of Marketing Research. Kitayama, Shinobu; Karasawa, Mayumi Kitayama, Shinobu; Markus, Hazel Rose In Cervone, Daniel; Shoda, Yuichi eds.

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New York: Guilford Press. Krizan, Zlatan; Suls, Jerry A meta-analysis for the Name-Letter Test".

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Personality and Individual Differences. Koole, Sander L. Kubovy, Michael; Psotka, Joseph Yeni Symposium. Milikowski, Marisca; Elshout, Jan J. Numbers as friends and villains PDF Report. Amsterdam: Rekencentrale. Miller, Dale T.